Meet Ugo

What We Learned from Election Day 2018

As I’m sure you’ve guessed, given our campaign’s sterling reputation as tireless workers, the Ugo team was out bright and early for the Midterm elections, petitioning 40th Ward voters to put Ugo on the ballot come February. Ugo himself was out all day long, starting at 6 AM and not stopping until the polls closed at 7 PM! How’s that for stamina? Fingers crossed that he didn’t catch a cold! At the end of the day, we talked to hundreds of voters in the 40th Ward, collected a LOT of signatures, and had a good time while doing so. Here are a few things that we learned along the way: Continue reading

Welcome to UGO2019

Hi! I'm Ugo Okere and this is where you can find me and all the work we're doing. Leave your information and let's work together! Continue reading