Chicagoist returns: Chance the Rapper stars in comedic deep-dive into Chicago's aldermanic politics

Chicago Tribune, January 15:

When Chance the Rapper hosted “Saturday Night Live” a year ago last November, it was his sly comedic timing and ease in the sketch format that jumped off the screen. He’s putting that talent to use once again, this time in a video posted on YouTubeFriday.

Spoofing corny local investigative TV news reports, a bewigged but obviously recognizable Chance stares directly to camera and intones: “Today we will look into something so grand, so mysterious, so important — today we will look into the aldermanic elections of Chicago. What does it take? How does it work? And most importantly, what is an alderman? Let’s ask the American people and find out.”

Over the next funny and genuinely informative 15 minutes, ace reporter Champ Bennett (a riff on Chance’s given name, Chancelor Bennett) delves into the hows and whys of Chicago’s city hall and the murkiness of ward politics in general.